Hotel La Mandarine
Restaurant Saint Tropez Les Buscatelles

Restaurant Les Buscatelles Saint-Tropez

Having adopted the shapes and colours of Southern French villages, La Mandarine can
be counted as an integral part of timeless Provence. This also applies to the hotel restaurant "Les Buscatelles", whose name is reminiscent of an fragrance, a recipe and the cuisine signed Thomas Lejeune, who is also the Chef at Le Palace des Neiges in Courchevel, garners all the flavours of the region's best: freshly-angled fish, lamb, Bell pepper, thyme, garlic, fennel, olives...

With a setting in tune with the fare. The terrace opens out onto the "square", an astonishing spot for intimacy under the stars.

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Hôtel la Mandarine - Chemin de la Belle Isnarde - 83990 Saint-Tropez - Côte d'Azur
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